Back from the Brink

As the events of January 6th reveal, we are witnessing a test of our nation’s resiliency and a challenge to America’s history of peaceful democratic transitions. In anticipation of these challenges and the ones to come, Mediators Beyond Borders International, in partnership with 25+ organizations and networks, stood up an early warning platform in October 2020. This TRUST Network has been hard at work monitoring and sharing the relevant reports information and resources with peacebuilders in Washington DC and around the country. Members of the Network have been collaborating, convening, and sharing resources as we mobilize to provide support and leadership as peacebuilders.

At this time of sadness, anger, and confusion, it is important that we bring forth our ability to maintain our human connection and all that we focus on as mediators and peacebuilders. In the midst of intense emotions and misinformation, let us garner our resources to :

  • Embrace our shared humanity
  • Share our support for democratic principles
  • Seek accurate information and be mindful of confirmation bias
  • Step out of the information bubbles exacerbated by social media and its algorithms
  • Challenge ourselves to hear other perspectives
  • Reject violence and speech that incites violence. 
WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO? Here are some resources.

Please stay in touch and stay safe.