Originally from Poland, Agnieszka lived in various countries before settling in Oregon, USA. With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota in international relations, a Master’s from the California Institute of Integral Studies in philosophy and religion, and an ESL teaching certificate, she made teaching ESL and critical thinking her first career, with some years spent moonlighting as a yoga instructor. Agnieszka has instructed students of various ages and levels and interfaced with educators around the world. The international arena has always been of primary interest. Recently, she has shifted her career to conflict resolution/transformation and will soon complete her Master’s at the University of Oregon. As part of the curriculum, she has completed basic training in mediation, negotiation, and has participated in workshops on dialogue, collaborative governance, and conflict coaching. She has also interned with the university Ombud’s program for a year. She intends to apply all the newly gained knowledge along with past career and life experience toward peacebuilding efforts; (re)building bridges, supporting healing, and forging new understanding among people. Outside academia and career aspirations, Agnieszka enjoys outdoor pursuits, travel, reading, and most of all, being mom to her 9-year- old son.