Dave Joseph, MSW, is a Senior Associate at Essential Partners, formerly Public Conversations Project. Since 1996 he has taught, designed and facilitated Reflective Structured Dialogues in the US,  Burundi, Canada, and  Liberia. Topics have included: race, class, religion, gender, political viewpoints,, interfaith coexistence and collaboration; reintegration of former fighters in post-conflict situations; immigration; and restoring and enhancing community resilience in post-conflict situations.

A Founding Member of Mediators Beyond Borders International, Dave currently serves as its Board Chair. He has designed and led Reflective Structured Dialogue trainings in Greece, Romania, Thailand, Indonesia. He is also an experienced mediator, facilitator and consultant, who has designed meetings, conferences, and strategic initiatives for human service organizations and educational institutions. . Previously, he co-founded and served as the Executive Director of the Community Mediation Center of Rhode Island. His background also includes having directed mental health and addiction treatment programs at community mental health centers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.