Elise Webster is one of the dedicated Peace Writing interns at MBBI. Based in The Hague, Netherlands, Elise is currently pursuing an Advanced Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy at Leiden University, with a focus on conflict resolution and gender equality. Before attending Leiden, Elise spent a year working in France after graduating from Tufts University.

Fluent in Spanish, French, and Portuguese, (and working on Dutch), Elise brings a wealth of international experience to her role, having worked with diverse communities worldwide. Her professional background includes internships at the United Nations and at the Women’s Justice Initiative, where she is currently working to support the key services and programs that the organization provides for indigenous women in Guatemala.

Through her work at MBBI, Elise has loved making connections with inspiring MBBI members around the globe. By highlighting their experiences and expertise through the Member Spotlights, Elise is so excited to help reinforce MBBI’s international network of peacebuilders, learn valuable lessons about the field, and advance MBBI’s commitment to conflict resolution and mediation worldwide.