Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

Jainaba Gaye obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs with a minor in French and Francophone Studies from Kennesaw State University. She also has a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence from Brandeis University and is a Harvard Law School trained mediator. 

Jainaba’s interest and subsequent involvement in the peacebuilding field were greatly sparked by violent conflict and her desire to work with communities to avert them. She is currently working as a Governance and Conflict Research Intern at Mercy Corps, a humanitarian aid NGO. Before going to graduate school, Jainaba also worked with the Borgen Project, a non-profit organization striving to end global poverty. In addition to this, she has been engaged in various field-related activities, such as attending conferences like the Lemkin Summit to End Genocide and Mass Atrocities, to get a more hands-on approach to peacebuilding. 

While mainly focused on violent conflict prevention, Jainaba’s interests also range from humanitarian work to languages, creative writing, and social justice. She joined MBBI to enhance and practice her mediation skills, but particularly to gain a deeper understanding of the role and impact mediation has in fragile contexts. She was especially drawn to the organization’s people-centered approach which is a key component of peacebuilding.