Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Laffon Brelland is a Masters’ student in Conflict Management, at the Kennesaw State University. Previously, he served as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching English in Costa Rica. Current projects focus on peacebuilding and conflict transformation in conflicts surrounding the Latin American and Caribbean region as well as on other issues such as immigration due to violent conflict.
His interest in mediation, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding derives from his experience living with migrants in his own community in the United States and his personal experience with migrants while traveling in Costa Rica and Panama.
Laffon joined MBBI with a strong interest in expanding his knowledge of diplomacy and ways through which issues involving migrants can be mediated and solved in communities. He strongly believes in people-centered community-based project development.  He would like to transform the diaspora of how governments and communities react to receiving an influx of migrants. Building peace and a new home for migrants begins with fostering new relationships. In his free time, Laffon is a fiction writer and sports enthusiast. He also enjoys traveling and learning new languages.