Location: Forli, Italy. Matteo Piovacari is a Masters’ student in International Security and Law, undertaken at the University of Southern Denmark. Previously, he earned a Bachelor’s in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs at the University of Bologna, Italy. Presently, he is interning at the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania, based in Cluj-Napoca. Current projects focus on peacebuilding and conflict transformation in conflict and post-conflict societies (Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan) as well as on other issues such as the radicalization of youngsters in Western countries.

His interest in mediation, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding derives from his personal involvement in Lebanon, assisting the Syrian refugees with a Civil Peace Corp, and in Kosovo, with the International Civil Service.

Matteo joined MBBI with a strong interest in expanding his knowledge of peacebuilding and ways through which reaching a peaceful resolution of conflicts. He strongly believes in the people-centered mission of MBBI and in the power of nonviolence. Indeed, he wants to contribute to a shift in the way in which international security issues are conceived, by putting peace-education, reconciliation and the long-term health affected communities at the core of peacemaking efforts. The “people” must always be kept at the center of gravity if we want to build sustainable peace. In his free time, Matteo is a travel-lover and has a curious mind.