Celebrating the Life of a Great Man – DAVE JOSEPH

Dave began his work as an educator and a social worker, and these, along with his heart connection with West Africa, begun in Peace Corps work in Niger, shaped the rest of his professional life. He emphasized the power of dialogue to restore relationships, and mentoring practitioners to fully develop their talents and ensure a sustained, vibrant dialogue field

Dave’s impact on MBBI is deep and wide. He initially joined the MBBI Liberian Initiative focused on integrating women of nine ethnic groups who fought in the civil war, or were stolen as sex slaves, with the community in which they were abandoned. He shaped MBBI’s growth and relationships while serving on committees, as a board member, and as the Chair of the Board of Directors. He led strategic planning efforts at critical stages of the organization’s growth including the latest one- the most inclusive and transformative process for MBBI so far. MBBI’s International Congresses were enriched by his extraordinary design skills as we created spaces for what “we must discover together as we deepen our trust and understanding of the other.”

Dave worked with dignity and playfulness; with imagination, insight, and pragmatism. He was a true servant leader. The depth of his impact may be seen in the work of peacebuilders carrying forward his commitment after he worked with people from Northern Ireland, Greece, Germany, Nigeria, Liberia, Burundi, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Rwanda, Colombia, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

Dave’s focus on resilience extended to his ‘engagement’ with a brain tumor (it was never a battle in his lexicon), and he emerged as an amazing five-year survivor during which time he taught the rest of us about grace and compassion. He focused his last months on creating what he found meaningful- mentoring dialogue facilitators around the world through video, a book, and supporting a community of practice that will continue on through MBBI!

We will miss him deeply; we will honor him and celebrate his extraordinary gifts.

We invite you to join us in carrying his legacy of love and care for the world through your work and through your support of the organizations for which he cared deeply.

His family suggests you make contributions, if you wish, to: