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Trauma-Informed Peacebuilding & Development Assistance (TIPDA)

Trauma-Informed Peacebuilding & Development Assistance is a service by Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI) that assists organizations to better care for their staff and better deliver their services.

By removing trauma as a barrier, communities establish cohesion, staff cultivate resilience, and projects have successful outcomes. Complementary skills such as conflict resolution and mediation can then be taught as a means of sustaining peace and supporting on-going development.

Managing Trauma for Healthier Staff & More Engaged Communities

TIPDA works with organizational leaders and operational units, individuals and communities to recognize trauma and interrupt the cycle of violence to allow individuals to recover and aid development to thrive. Addressing the impacts of trauma is the nexus for successful and sustainable development and peacebuilding. Outcomes provide participants with:

  • The ability to recognize the impacts of trauma exposure on individuals and communities
    Strategies to support individuals when they experience distressing memories and stressful events.
    Skills to navigate conflict, help individuals recover, seek help from others, support colleagues experiencing trauma, and defuse volatile situations
    Models of conflict resolution skills that promote trust, community cohesion and peace
    Techniques to manage their own trauma exposure responses and build resilience.

Environmental Conflict Management & Stakeholder Engagement

MBB Consulting provides conflict management and stakeholder engagement training and consulation services to governments, organizations, companies, and communities around the world. MBB Consulting's Environmental Conflict Management (ECM) Team is made up of conflict specialist and technical experts in environmental issues.

The ECM Team has deep experience providing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services in complex environmental cases and designing and delivering ADR and mediation training courses focusing on environmental issues.

ECM Training

MBB Consulting offers Environmental Conflict Management & Stakeholder Engagement, a training course that provides governments, organizations, and companies an understanding of the value collaborative problem-solvinghas in creating mutual-gains solutions to environmental challenges.

Additionally, the training develops participants' competencies in key alternative dispute resolution techniques, so they can engage in environmental disputes more productively.

Organizational Conflict Management

Companies are microcosms. Inside companies are individuals, teams, divisions, management, staff, supply chains, vendors, and all other manner of relationships. Each of these individuals and groups have their own personalities, values, and priorities That's a recipe for conflict. It happens all over, in all companies, all the times. Sometimes we can trudge forward, the conflict not bugging us; often times, however, conflict can hurt morale, derail performance, and cost cast.

Our Inside Organizations conflict management services can help you grab conflict by the tail and make it work for you. Our diagnostics, systems design, capacity building services, and straight up conflict resolution will support your organization to become a constructive culture with high performance potential.

Using Organizational Collaborative & Conflict Management Services to Ensure Your Team's Working at Full Potential

Diagnostic & Organizational Audits

Implementing change? Performance lagging? We'll let you know how your people feel, what role team dynamics are playing, what your communication strengths are, and where risk exists.

Mediations & Facilitation

When challenges exist, whether among management or between divisions, this is your solution. We use collaborative conflict management to address inter-personal issues and set up sustainable agreements

Dispute System Design and Operation

Get proactive. We can set up mediation, change management or dispute resolution systems, to make addressing problems part of you structure.

Organizational Ombuds Services

This office gives your staff a place to go to address conflict at the earliest stage possible, as well as identifying trends and systematic issues.

Training From Communication to Dispute Resolution

We'll build your team's capacity to be the front line to ensure constructive culture and high performance.

Police-Community Crisis Rapid Response

Mediators Beyond Borders International's Police & Community Rapid Response provides intervention services to de-escalate police-community crises and build constructive engagement.

When police-community crises emerge law enforcement has several immediate goals including to ensure the safety of the community, ensure the safety of officers, defuse the tensions with individuals and communities involved in the crisis, and to understand the crisis and implement solutions. Through the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques and community engagement processes, the Rapid Response Team can assist law enforcement to accomplish these goals. The Police & Community Crisis Rapid Response Team is a "post-incident" intervention service.

Once an incident occurs and community tension escalates the Rapid Response Team can be call in to:

  • Conduct a situation assessment and map the conflict
  • Provide conflict management coaching to law enforcement and public officials in order to ensure public engagement is construction
  • Design and lead stakeholder engagement processes to de-escalate the crisis and rebuild communication, relationships, and trust.

Case Study: Community and Policing

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Stakeholders: Police Officers, Local Community Residents, Local Youth, Local Business

Services: Facilitated dialogues, Trainings, Conflict Assessment

Summary: Stakeholders sought to address the increasing mistrust of Los Angeles police by LA community members, especially by youth of color, and the lack of community agency to participate in community safety issues. During this 24 month project a MBB Consultant developed a generative dialogue between police and local communities across LA. Creative programing sought to build capacity for positive relations between police and local community. MBBC meet with LAPD officials to develop potential police training in community outreach and communication, as well as train youth in communication, leadership, and collaboration skills.

Key outcomes of MBBC services include uncovering the core chronic issues beneath the conflict, connection with key City and Police officials for development of next steps and the Development of a local Council of youth in NE Los Angeles to initiate community building