MBB-Rotary goes to Sydney Australia June 1-4

They call it the House of Friendship (HOF) – a sprawling exhibitor space at every Rotary International Convention that showcases organizations and vendors from around the world.

This year’s Billabong HOF in Sydney, Australia on June 1-4, 2014. It will bring together as many as 30,000 Rotarians during the annual Convention, and MBB will be there to meet them, thanks in large part to the on-the-ground support and planning of Steve Lancken (Liberia Team) and Negocio Resolutions.  Steve’s team, which includes volunteers from the University of Sydney’s Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, has been coordinating our presence in Sydney for several months, in conjunction with MBB’s Rotary Working Group.

Our goal for the event is to build upon the Rotary connection developed in Bangkok, Honolulu and Istanbul, to spread awareness about conflict resolution and MBB’s projects, and to encourage fresh faces to learn more about how peace work is a meaningful way for them to engage in “service above self.”

 “I am very thankful to all of our Sydney volunteers and Steve for his leadership and unwavering commitment to making this a reality.  MBB is a small and dynamic organization in comparison to Rotary International, and we bring unique expertise that would surely benefit the Rotary community.  Being active at events such as the Rotary International Convention in Sydney will improve our exposure and broaden our reach as we gear up for the Bucharest Congress in conjunction with S.T.A.R.S. Romania and Rotary District 2241” – Vik Kapoor, Co-Chair of the MBB-Rotary Working Group.          

Those interested in joining the MBB-Rotary Working Group or learning more about MBBI-Rotary partnership, please contact us at ripartner@mediatorsbeyondborders.org.