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Member Spotlights

MBBI calls its members Peace Builders. Our members contribute their time utilizing their skills and experiences to participate in Working and Regional Groups, and Capacity-Building & Advocacy Initiatives. We hope that through our Spotlights, our members, individually and collectively, will inspire you as much as they inspire us to continue the important work.

A growing number of international requests reach MBBI for partnerships, services, and projects. Help us build our capacity to say “yes” to these requests; consider joining us as a Peace Builder. For more information on how to become involved and for internship and volunteer opportunities, please visit our Join Us page or contact us at info@mediatorsbeyondborders.org.

Our Peace Builders

Coach, Consultant, and Conflict Specialist. Member Spotlight: Dr. Linda Beitz

When asked for her advice to those starting out in the field, she said ‘run, don’t walk, to develop both your inner and outer game as an agent for change…
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Relationships Matter. Member Spotlight: Caryl Lashley

Caryl Lashley is a professional attorney in the Bahamas; her practice is primarily in litigation.  Career For the past 10 to 15 years, she developed and pursued an interest in…
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Meet the Board: Victoria Gray

Mediators Beyond Borders International is a nonprofit organization governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of 17 remarkable individuals. This article is part of the Meet the Board series—putting faces…
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Rethinking Mediation. Meet the Malaysian MBBI Representative: Intan Sarit

“My mother’s dedication to these children had taught me a lot about life and service for others whilst seeing my father settling disputes on a daily basis subconsciously taught me…
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Taking an ‘Asian perspective’ on Mediation. Member Spotlight: Maja Liechti

In the last decades, an increasingly participated current of thought has been pushing for questioning and rethinking the status of international studies concerning mediation and peacebuilding, as considered excessively Western-centred.…
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The SDG’s and Choppy Seas, Member Spotlight: Tobi Dress-Germain, J.D.

“Conflict is inevitable, ever-present, and universal. It can be complex and mercurial, but need not be intractable. Early and artful use of the right tools, venues, and methodologies for principled…
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Progress and Fairness in Mediation Processes. Member Spotlight: Gregory Garner

“In mediation, try listening, it is not just a matter of you presenting a logical argument, there is more to it. You have to explain to the other side why…
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A Multifaceted Mediator Throughout Australia. Member Spotlight: Lisanne Iriks

‘I think that anything can get resolved in communication, and I think that what I love about it is that it adds value to people. If you go to a…
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Holding Space in Mediation: Member Spotlight: Charmaine Mae Dahapioso-Baconga

“It is quite difficult actually but what we are doing right now… is psychosocial efforts – providing spaces for conversation and focusing on how they have survived.” Career Path: Charmaine…
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The Power of Mediation. Member Spotlight: Teletha McJunkin

“I made a conscious decision to come back, full circle, to mediation because I truly believe in the power of mediation to solve conflicts.” CAREER PATH: Teletha McJunkin is a…
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