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Voter Protection Hotlines in all 50 States
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  1. Overview of the TRUST Network: Download the Powerpoint here.

  2. Part 1, Basic EWER Concepts: Download the Powerpoint here.

  3. Part 2, Advanced EWER Concepts: Download the Powerpoint here.

  4. Essential Partners 2020 Guide: Read the Resource List here.

  5. My Political Autobiography: Download the Resource Here.

  6. Download this Cultural and Narrative Peacebuilding Activation Guidebook and check out the ShineOnTheVote campaign provided by +Peace

  7. A Survey and Analysis of Statewide Election Recounts, 2000-2019, from FairVote - of 4,687 statewide general elections, only 27 have gone to a recount and of those only 3 have changed the outcome of initial results.

  8. FAQ on Department of Justice Announcement Authorizing Investigations into Allegations of Voting Irregularities, from Protect Democracy

  9. Post-Election Toolkit, from the National Task Force on Election Crises

Guides for Safety and De-Escalation at Rallies and Other Gatherings

  1. Deescalation Guide: Download the Guide here.

  2. Police2Peace Safety Tips: Download the Document Here.

  3. PTR Deescalation for Attendees

Recordings of Trainings

MBBI hosted 2-part introductory trainings on the Basic (Part 1) and Advanced (Part 2) Concepts of Early Warning Early Response, as well as partnered with Over Zero about Building Resiliency Networks.

Watch all these videos in this folder here. 

The password for each video is trust

Saturday, Nov.21, 2020
10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (Including a break for lunch)

from Meta Peace Team

Here is a running document list of other trainings amongst our partners.

Click here for the list.

CURE Violence Training

Topic:    Stopping Violence in the Setting of Election, Protests, and Division - Session 3

This training will briefly summarize the risk of election-related violence in the US and summarize the methods to stop the spread of violence. The training will start with a look at the current situation in the US, areas of greatest risk, and the longer term trends that brought us here, and will examine this context through the lens of violence as a contagious problem. Next, the training will summarize the main ideas and principles in how to avoid violence, stop yourself from getting caught up in violence, and respond if confronted with aggressive people, including going over a few scenarios such as polling places and protests.

Here is the recording from CVG's training on 10/16 – its broken into short segments -

Here is the training from 10/25 up at – (full training, 1+ hour) -

Further resources for election here –


Read these timely and important articles and op-eds.

  1. “I Didn’t Know If I Was Going to Be Seen Again”: The Escalating Risk of Mass Violence in the United States, by James Waller, PhD, Cohen Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Keene State College, New Hampshire
  2. America Is Having a Moral Convulsion - David Brooks

  3. International Election Monitors Arrive in the US for the Nov. 3 Poll - Allison Lecce

  4. How the United States Can Step Back from the Brink - John Paul Lederach and Melanie Greenberg

  5. A Proven Formula for Protecting the Vote and Keeping Peace - Maria J. Stephan

  6. Nonviolent Civic Action May Help Defend the Integrity of the Election - Maria J. Stephan

  7. Defusing Hate: A Strategic Communication Guide to Counteract Dangerous Speech - Rachel Brown

  8. Why We Shouldn't Call Militias, 'Militias' - Idean Salehyan

  9. How a community prepared for mass unrest, trained in de-escalation, and danced.
  10. I survived Liberia's civil wars. Here's my advice to American voters:  - Joseph Jimmy Sankaituah
    "Hateful rhetoric sows fear and division, which can lead to outright conflict. Take care, be vigilant and do not dismiss the warning signs of violence. One of the strange secrets of war is that ordinary life continues. Violent conflict can creep up on you, like the darkness of night arriving in gradual shades. The creeping menace can desensitize you until the hour is too late."