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About Us


To build relationships and solutions that advance community needs, business interests, government accountability, and socially responsible development


MBB Consulting believes in making a positive impact on the world. We believe in both collaboration and maximizing one's self-interest. We believe in long term objectives. And, we believe those in a conflict must be involved in its solution.


We provide conflict management and stakeholder engagement services to companies and governments. Our collaborative services improve development and public works projects and strengthen decision making and performance in organizations.


What makes us unique is that we are a global network of local practitioners and partners. Our parent company, Mediators Beyond Borders International, has worked for a decade across the globe. Through that work, we have built relationships with governments, community groups, civil society organizations, companies, and international organizations. And our practitioners live and work across all points of the world. We are an international group with local roots, interests, and experiences.