Interfaith Dialogue

Diverse religions provide strength and guidance, but clashes in those world views can also create conflict and divides in countries and communities. Religious leaders – whether formal leaders or knowledgeable adherents respected in their communities – are uniquely positioned to transform this risk to understanding, tolerance, and cooperation.

The IPTI – IFD (Interfaith Dialogue) track provides a setting for participants to develop the understanding and skills to address the conflicts that arise between and among faith traditions. Through training, mentoring, and implementing their own intra- or inter-faith peacebuilding programs, participants of IPTI-IFD become better prepared to build stable, sustainable communities.

“Very happy that I could participate in this Reflective Dialogue training. This training taught me to listen more, understand better and also emotionally trained my level of patience to understand the differences. Differences is something you can't avoid in human.”

[Participant, AMAN training]

“Before joining this training I was such a reactive person however after joining this training I became more patient. My biggest reflection is the ability to listen to others when they speak and understand others better during discussion. I have the ability for self control and hopefully I can practice what I've learned here on my daily life.”

[Participant, AMAN training]