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Democracy, Politics, and Conflict Engagement Initiative

You Move Us Forward.
Don't let conflict hold you back.

DPACE offers constructive alternatives to the destructive conflicts that undermine your mission.

Are you working in the U.S. for social change in your community, through a social movement or a political organization that wants to improve how they engage with conflict and create change?
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Our Mission

The Democracy, Politics, and Conflict Engagement Initiative (DPACE) is committed to enhancing the capacity of social movements and political organizations in the U.S. to engage with conflict creatively and constructively in order to strengthen democracy and create a more just society.

Our goal is not simply to increase civility but to explore our differences without losing touch with our common humanity. To turn our political passions in the direction of social and political problem-solving, making change easier, more effective, more inclusive, and less painful.

Words like ‘freedom,’ ‘justice,’ and ‘democracy’ are not common concepts; on the contrary, they are rare.  People are not born knowing what these are. It takes enormous, and above all, individual effort to arrive at the respect for other people that these words imply. – James Baldwin

The Need

Conflict is a fundamental part of social and political life, yet social movements and political organizations are working for social change are plagued with their own conflicts, both internal and external. These conflicts are often handled in negative ways that undermine the movements’ aims and values. MBBI’s team of conflict practitioners, peace builders and thought leaders offer an alternative.

Our Philosophy

In every democracy, social movements and organizations advocating political and social change arise, and simultaneously become products, producers, and resolvers of conflict. By joining together through thoughtful engagement, their members affirm the positive, creative role that conflicts play in calling attention to injustices, and transforming social, environmental, and political conflicts at their roots.

Our Services

Interest-based conflict resolution and transformation methodologies provide deeply democratic, citizen-centered approaches that focus on chronic, systemic sources of conflict and identify practical tools for not just settling or compromising, but fundamentally resolving, transforming, and preventing conflict.

Our team of highly skilled conflict practitioners uses the DPACE Framework to provide the following services to social movements and political organizations within the U.S. in order to build conflict literacy and resilience and to engage with conflict creatively and constructively.

  • Trainings and systems design to strengthen organizational conflict resolution capacity
  • Conflict coaching, dispute resolution, mediation of internal and external multi-party disputes
  • Dialogue facilitation within and between organizations and systems
  • Conflict competent leadership
  • Assessment
  • Practices to engage mindfully with compassion and respond constructively to conflict
  • Trauma-informed peace building

Contact Us:

For more information and support, or if you are interested in becoming a member of the DPACE team, please contact us: dpace@mediatorsbeyondborders.org