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About Us

MBB Consulting (Mediators Beyond Borders Consulting) provides collaborative services to companies, governments, financial institutions, and communities. We are a consultancy with a global network of practitioners and partners.


International Reach, Local Roots

Our consultants and partners are local and located around the world. Having a local connection is not just important to the success of our projects. It is core to our values — the people impacted by a project should be involved in its decision making.

Industry Knowledge

We have experience in the industries we work in beyond collaborative dispute resolution. Our consultants have specific experience and subject matter expertise in sectors including sustainable energy, transportation, oil and gas, and infrastructure development projects.


We are a triple bottom line organization. We do not just measure success by profit. Based on the principles of our parent organization, Mediators Beyond Borders International, we measure success by the positive impacts we make on people and the environment.

This combination not only gives us values on which to build our work, but also the practical advantage that comes from being a truly local organization that is based around the world.


To build relationships and solutions that advance business interests, accountable governance, community needs, and socially responsible development.


Mediators Beyond Borders Consulting believes in making a positive impact on the world. We believe in both collaboration and maximizing one's self-interest. We believe in long term objectives. And, we believe those in a conflict must be involved in its solution.


We provide conflict management and stakeholder engagement services to companies and governments. Our collaborative services improve development and public works projects and strengthen decision making and performance in organizations.


What makes us unique is that we are a global network of local practitioners and partners. Our parent organization, Mediators Beyond Borders International, has worked for more than a decade across the globe. Through that work, we have built relationships with governments, community groups, civil society organizations, companies, and international organizations. And our practitioners live and work across all points of the world. We are an international group with local roots, interests, and experiences.

Case Study: Workplace Conflict and Communication Problems

Location: Southern California, USA

Client: Large company (Management, Human Resources, Employees)

Services: Mediation, Conflict Assessment

Summary: When conflict among a group of employees had reached a point where communication was almost non-existent MBB Consulting was brought into intervene. There was considerable bitterness and anger between the group, and problems were continually cropping up requiring excess supervision, resulting in inferior work performance. After being met with initial resistance, a Consultant met with each plumber individually to discover the source of the conflict, assess what might be done to resolve it, and act as an agent of communication between opposing sides. Consultants worked to validate their concerns, translate angry statements into neutral language, reframe their problems so as to permit solutions and modeled a positive attitude towards their conflicts. Though a series of facilitated dialogue, an MBB Consultant assisted management in negotiating an agreement with the employees which resulted in their grievances being withdrawn.

Some of they key outcomes from the services included creating a framework for proposing and adopting collaborative, win-win solutions and fostering an environment of improved relationships, mutual respect, and communication.