Enda Young ~ MBB Member Spotlight

Enda Young cropped GS

‘Turning a hobby into a livelihood’ Enda Young started out studying mechanical engineering. Not a discipline you would naturally connect to mediation. But he also got involved in conflict resolution at the tender age of 17, travelled to the USA to take part in a cross community youth program on conflict resolution with the Spirit […]

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View the Congress Online!

art image 2015 congress

  MBB’s 7th International Congress held in Bucharest, Romania was a success! The Congress was well attended with over two hundred people from thirty six countries. Did you wish you packed your bags to go? Did you wish you heard those great speakers from the front lines of peacebuilding? You can watch the workshops, guest speakers, and bonus Congress footage. […]

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The Link Between Ebola & Conflict is Clear and Present

Eblast graphic 06-24-15

Our Call to Action… Nearly a decade after a devastating civil war in Sierra Leone, Ebola has destroyed nearly 75% of the public health infrastructure. Tension, inequality and conflict dynamics persist – indeed, mistrust of government agencies, stigmatization and challenges to reintegrating Ebola survivors as well as post-traumatic stress have increased with the crisis-threatening the country’s fragile peace.  Mediators Beyond Borders […]

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Using community mediation to solve conflict in Israel and Palestine

2015 group in process 06-15-15

“International commonalities” Efforts at dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians tend to only reach the news when international politicians are trying to broker a ceasefire or political solution. Yet there are those working constantly at the community level to enhance understanding and relations between people on both sides. Working with Community Mediation Centres (CMCs) and other […]

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Suzanna Norbeck ~ MBB Members Spotlight

Suzi Norbeck 06-06-15

It is well known that mediators are excellent communicators, but what often distinguishes first-class professionals from the rest of the pack is their level of empathy. It amplifies their persuasiveness which then flows through their communications, whether or not they know you. That was my first clue that Suzi (or Suzanna Norbeck) – one of […]

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MBB Partners with Washington & Jefferson College

2015 group shot trauma infomed curriculum

Focusing on the intersection between Conflict Transformation and Trauma,  MBB is developing a Trauma Informed Peace Building (TIP) Curriculum that can be integrated into Peacebuilding, Development, Health, Livelihoods and Education programs.  Like most of MBB’s work, it is the product of a multidisciplinary, multinational, multicultural team of practitioners. This research and practice based training is […]

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