MBB Indiegogo Campaign for Women Peacebuilders

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 The MBB Indiegogo campaign is now closed. The goal was to advance the cause of Women Peacebuilders at 2015 Training Institute & Congress in Bucharest! MBB has launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to expand the reach of the 2015 International Training Institute and Congress. For those of you unfamiliar with indiegogo, it’s a “crowdsourcing platform” through which individuals […]

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Congress is underway!


 There are exciting workshops, wonderful speakers, an ever increasing number of sponsors and partners agree that the 7th MBB Congress in Romania will be a unique, not to be missed, experience. For more information click HERE. Join hundreds of mediators and peace builders from around the globe for this exciting event! Come develop your skills, network […]

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Do you want to view ​Congress LIVE? 

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Do you wish you were packing your bags to go to the MBB 7th Congress in Bucharest? Do you wish you could hear those great speakers from the frontlines of peace building, like Desmond Tutu or Past Rotary Internal Director Phil Silvers or Mary Montague from Northern Ireland? Do you wish could hug a fellow peacebuilder at one […]

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MBB partners with S.T.A.R.S. of Romania for Congress

Madalina Calcan 02-09-15

The 7th MBB Congress is being organized with partnership and support from Romanian organization STARS: Social Training and Antreprenorial Research Society. The MBB Congress will be located in Bucharest, Romania on April 23-25, 2015. Madalina Calcan, Vice-President and arbitrator at S.T.A.R.S. sits on MBB’s Congress Working Group, (chaired by US-based MBB member, Dana Moldovan). In […]

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Building Sustainable Peace in Sierra Leone


As the Co-leader of the MBB Sierra Leone Project, Loretta Raider  is adamant about local peacebuilding responses to the current Ebola outbreak and the country’s recent 11-year civil war. We recently caught up with Loretta, and her call to action for support of activities in Sierra Leone testifies to the immediate opportunity to heal wounds […]

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MBB Peacebuilding in South Sudan

Refugees arriving the camp 01-20-15

MBB’s newest project team is heading to the Republic of South Sudan to assess whether MBB can serve the world’s newest nation, building resilience to its trauma and strengthening its ability to emerge from brutal violence. In mid-2014, MBB was approached by a South Sudanese undergraduate student in neighboring Kenya. He and some friends had recently […]

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Doug Noll and the Prison of Peace Project 


Douglas Noll, Esq is a man of many talents who has a passion for social justice and peacemaking. Doug is also a seasoned international mediator and trainer from California and a founding member of MBB. Doug was recently honored as an Encore Fellow from Encore.org for significant work contributed in the world after 60 years of […]

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Climate Change Team at COP 20 in Lima Peru!

Mark and Suzi at COP 20 12-05-14

MBB’s Climate Change team continues to promote peaceful resolution of climate conflict. The team is in Lima Peru for the UNFCCC COP 20/CMP10 climate change negotiations.  Please view the link HERE and below for an interview with the Climate Change team members Mark Kirwin, Suzi Norbeck and Gregg Walker. The team continues to meet with […]

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