CYADR Presentation – Addressing “A-symptomatic Racism” – Implications for Dispute Resolution

Join us in our next conversation on Addressing “A-symptomatic Racism” – Implications for Dispute Resolution by Dr. Valerie Batts on Thursday, July 23 2020, at 11:00 AM EDT. This presentation is hosted by the Children and Youth Working Group.

Dr. Batts will outline 10 ways in which “the germ” of racism can play out interpersonally and structurally. Consider that racism is like coronavirus.  We need to develop structural vaccines to fully eradicate it.  Overt, old fashioned racism, like symptomatic coronavirus, is easy to see. Dr. Batts is the founding director of VISIONS. Since 1984, VISIONS has been focused on how to address the ways that racism morphed after the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act in the US into a much more subtle and invisible form – analogous to an asymptomatic virus (a germ). Racialized unconscious bias is with us individually and structurally and must be rooted out from the core. Implications for working with children will be addressed, as well as for working with conflict situations.

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Dr. Valerie Batts is a clinical psychologist who has been providing consultation and technical assistance on challenging inequities to organizations, groups and individuals since 1984. Valerie grew up in Rocky Mount, N.C. She became engaged in equity and justice issues as a child of the civil rights movement. Valerie co-founded VISIONS, (Vigorous InterventionS In On-going Natural Settings) Dr. Batts sees racism as a “crack in the U.S. foundation”, or an “asymptomatic virus”. This outcome was predictable even in her graduate studies at Duke University in the late 1970’s. Her experience in both the for-profit and not for profit sector, as well as globally and within the US, gives her unique insights into how transformative change happens.

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