Africa Rotary Community Mediation (ARCoM) Training

African Rotary Community Mediation (ARCoM) project has partnered with MBBI and Academics to provide a platform to establish a conflict prevention community mediation initiative that involves Rotarians and Non-Rotarians to deepen Rotary’s peace-building work within and between communities.

The Psychology of Mediation

Engage in the discussion of the Psychology of Mediation from David Hoffman. This 75-minute conversation event will be on Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 at 11 am EST (-4 UTC). Please use the Time Zone Converter to determine when this engaging conversation will be in your time zone. Register here! Speaker Bio: David Hoffman David A. Hoffman is…

Rotary Working Group May 2021 Meeting

The MBBI- Rotary Working Group was established, at the Rotary Convention in Hamburg 2019, to connect like-minded PeaceBuilders, strengthen the MBBI Rotary Partnership and learn more about global peace programs for potential involvement to grow our collective efforts.   Our online monthly meetings are the second Tuesday of the month and rotate at either 8…