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2020 Decade of Peace Initiative

The Decade of Peace is officially HERE, and we are thrilled to be working with each of you to advance a global vision for a better, more "peaceable" world!

The 2019 International Congress was the official kickoff to MBBI’s 2020 Decade of Peace Initiative. This initiative will focus on building capacity and scaling the impact of conflict-transformation programs around the world. Our 2019 International Congress, attendees and Founding Members of the 2020 Decade of Peace Initiative, played an integral role in shaping this years’ priorities and agenda.

We missed having you there with us! But here's a few things you might like to look at...

1. The 2019 Peace Congress Overview:
Read below to see the findings from the Environmental Scan, the Regional Perspectives on Global Issues, Open Space Sessions, Key Themes and Future Visioning.

2020 Decade of Peace Report

2. Congress Photographs:
Click Here to access these incredible photos from the Congress, and a very special thank you to Antonia Claire Stuart Photography.

While Congress is officially over, the real magic is just beginning! This is the year to work towards your vision of a better world. And we want to celebrate you, connect you, and equip you with the tools you need to make good things happen!

Peacebuilding Walkabout: A Journey Across the Globe

For practitioners interested in building a multi method toolkit of local and indigenous practices from around the world Historically, communities have had a variety of non violent methods for dealing…
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2023 MBBI Awards! Recognizing their Caring, Courage, and Commitment to Global Peacebuilding

Mediators and peacebuilders in this community of practitioners at MBBI, work tirelessly every day toward building a “peaceable” world. The teams conduct analysis, design interventions, facilitate training, convene gatherings, and…
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MBBI Peacebuilder of the Year 2023: Klubosumo Johnson Borh

Klubosumo Johnson Borh is the 2023 MBBI Peacebuilder of the Year for his efforts in Liberia, specifically trauma healing and psychosocial support for Liberian ex-combatants. He has also been actively…
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Prabha Sankaranarayan Receives The David Brandon Community Mediation Movement Catalyst Award

Congratulations to Prabha Sankaranarayan for receiving the The David Brandon Community Mediation Movement Catalyst Award – National! On October 3, 2023, MBBI’s President and CEO Prabha Sankaranarayan won the inaugural…
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MBBI’s Delegation to the CSW 67

Every March, the UN hosts the Commission of the Status of Women (CSW) – the UN’s largest conference, in NY – that brings together thousands of women leaders alongside governments…
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Networking in the Field of Conflict Resolution by Paul Wahrhaftig

A giant in the field of conflict resolution, Paul Wahrhaftig has finished a new book entitled “Networking in the Field of Conflict Resolution” and has offered MBBI the opportunity to…
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MBBI Partnership with NAMU: Press Release

MBBI is honored to partner with the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine (NAMU) in serving the mediation community and ultimately the population impacted by Russia’s war on Ukraine. More…
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Building Capacity to Serve: Coregulating and Connecting During Times of Crisis/Violence

With the current crisis in Ukraine (and Yemen and other parts of the world), many peacebuilders are asking how we can use our skills to be effective and support those…
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Truckers, Tractors, and Ukraine: What Do They Tell Us About Democracy?

By D.G. Mawn, Madhawa Palihatihiya, and Prabha Sankaranyaran  Amidst pictures of the new war in Ukraine, the U.S. is anticipating photos of truck convoys arriving in the Washington D.C. area,…
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Leadership in a Polarised World – Challenges and Opportunities by Shadia Marhaban

Below is Shadia Marhaban‘s excerpt from a longer document from CPCS: MOVING BEYOND MULTI-TRACK DIPLOMACY AND BIG MAN MEDIATION When I was asked to reflect this topic about leadership in…
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