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ADR and Conflict Transformation Solutions for Every Need

Alternative dispute resolution processes like mediation and arbitration are proven, cost-effective, and compelling methods that are used to resolve a wide range of conflicts.

In many contexts, other approaches are more appropriate and effective. These are customizable for organizations, governments, and societies, and can prevent conflicts before they arise or manage and transform conflicts as they emerge.

Our practices are built on our deep experience in conflict transformation and dispute resolution. We recognize how internal and external conflicts can disrupt normalcy, jeopardize relationships, and hinder positive outcomes. Our consultants have rich expertise to create and realize solutions for varying needs.

Because the basis of our work is impartiality and professionalism, our systems are trusted to function appropriately and efficiently and promote fairness for all parties.

Practice Areas

MBB Consulting employs its services in four distinct Practice Areas.

Organizational Conflict Management

No matter what you make, sell, or deliver, the heart of your operations are people and teams. Our organizational conflict management services address conflict among staff, management, and other stakeholders to let you focus on the task at hand.

Company-Community Engagement

When development, construction, or operations impact communities, MBB Consulting can provide proactive and responsive services to help the company and community strengthen their relationship and build solutions to co-existence.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

When business and legal disputes impact organizations, MBB Consulting can provide efficient, cost-effective, and impartial dispute resolution services to overcome barriers at any stage of conflict through a combination of first-class client service and highly-trained mediators and arbitrators.

Conflict Transformation

War, elections, economic development, community development, social dynamics, and more have multiple groups with multiple interests coming together and, at times, clashing. Our conflict transformation services can intervene, develop capacity, or build consensus to support healthy, inclusive societies.

Organizational Conflict Management

Company-Community Engagement

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Conflict Transformation

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