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Collaboration Regions


MBB Collaboration Regions: members organized within a global geographic region who promote the core mission and vision of MBB. 

    • Regions: SW Asia, S Asia, E/SE Asia, Europe, West Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, ME/ N Africa, Oceania, N America, S/C America

MBB Collaboration Regions and MBB International are distinct, yet interwoven entities.

Collaboration Regions are the center of activity, consistent with the design principle, We work and make decisions as a polycentric system (multiple, inter-dependent centers of activity.) 

Why Regions:

    • There are issues that are unique to a region
    • Can coordinate activities/actions across the region
    • Easier to work within the same time zone
    • Other peacebuilding entities/partners are organized by regions
    • Supports becoming a polycentric organization

The importance of regions having a strong connection to MBB International is considered of great value and is what makes MBBI unique when it comes to peacebuilding. “Peacebuilding can’t be done in siloes.” Three design principles are supported with this notion:

    • We are a global connector engaging with international and multilateral organizations.
    • Our teams are multinational, multicultural, and multi-disciplinary.
    • Our teams hold diversity and inclusion as the foundation for collaborative problem solving.

Governance within a Collaboration Region will be determined by the region based on its needs with guidance and support from MBBI in a two-way working relationship.

MBB - Oceania

Mediators Beyond Borders International – Oceania Collaboration Region (MBB—Oceania) was created after the 2019 Congress in Bali and now exists as a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Australian Corporations Act. This goal was achieved within the timeline challenge accepted in Bali and with a few days to spare. Its emphasis is: Promoting culturally appropriate peacebuilding and innovative conflict management practices to communities within the Oceania region and has two mediation projects already Cape York Community Program and PNG Mediation & Magistrates. Click here to visit the MBB—Oceania page and learn more.


The Mediators Beyond Borders International—Europe Collaboration Region (MBB Europe), founded in 2021, is a group of European peacebuilders who are dedicated to enhancing the practice of mediation and the value it can offer to individual relationships and communities. The group comprises experienced European mediators from diverse backgrounds with the vision to improve dialogue within society and peace within the region through its collaboration with NGOs, companies, public organizations, and educational institutions. Click here to visit the MBB-Europe page and learn more.