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Global Peacebuilder Resource Center

Welcome to the Global Peacebuilder Resource Center! We hope that you will find here ideas, samples, templates, and information that will help you do your peacebuilding work. Our goal is to have resources in a variety of languages, on a number of topics relevant to peacebuilding, and useful in many different settings. 

The categories below offer documents, videos, graphics, most of which are available for download. Many of them identify the author/creator. If you use them in your own work, we ask that you continue to acknowledge the author/creator. We have also included websites of organizations that offer resources, trainings, or may be potential partners to explore. 

We want you to help build this Center by sharing resources you have found useful. If you have videos you have made or that you use in your work, handouts you use in training, templates you have found useful, or other resources you have created or found, please do share them. We particularly want resources that are in languages other than English since most of you speak other languages. English of course is welcome, but please share with others as well. Click here for instructions on how to submit new resources.

For the category names, we have created some translation documents in a variety of languages. The translations can help you find the categories you are interested in and then you can see if we have any resources in your language. We hope this will help some of you be able to navigate the English terms as we continue to figure out how to make the whole Center accessible in different languages.

Translated Vocabulary Guides


Guides, lesson plans, and infographics to help you better your communication and help others better their communication.

Conflict Assessment

Templates, guidebooks, activities, and theory to help you assess conflict situations.

Conflict Comprehension

Conflict comprehension involves seeing conflict as an opportunity for growth and positive change.


Guidebooks, videos, lesson plans, and theory to help you facilitate dialogue.


Resources focusing on climate change, the environment, and mediation.


Exercises and guidebooks to help you with group facilitation

Gender Inclusivity

Gender inclusivity examines the differences between the roles that women and men play and the impact of these differences.


Peacebuilding amongst and between religious groups.


Guidebooks on business mediation, peer mediation, mediation among youth, and other mediation resources.

Monitoring and Evaluation

M&E helps us learn about the work we are doing and make good decisions about what to keep doing, what to change, and what to add.

Peacebuilding Strategies

Peacebuilding strategies will help you resolve conflict in non-violent ways.

Relationship Building

Exercises and lesson plans to help you facilitate relationship building.


Resources on security and safety.

Social Media

Social media guides, websites, and resources.

Trauma-Informed Peacebuilding

Recognizing and addressing trauma results in more effective project design, leading to self-sustaining & peaceful resolution of conflicts.


A variety of websites with training, resources, peacebuilding networks and guides for peacebuilding.

Working with Women

Guidebooks and tools for meaningfully engaging with women in conflict-afflicted areas.

Working with Youth

Activities, guidebooks, and lesson plans for peacebuilding with young people.