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From MBBI Bali Congress to MBB-Oceania

In late 2019, the MBB Oceania (MBBO) Steering Committee accepted its mandate from fellow Oceania representatives at the Bali Congress to establish a regional MBB chapter.

MBBO has progressed to the formation with a high level of energy and focus, and now exists as a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Australian Corporations Act. This goal was achieved within the timeline challenge accepted in Bali and with a few days to spare.

The newly formed MBBO Board is working to achieve the vision:

Promoting culturally appropriate peacebuilding and innovative conflict management practices to communities within the Oceania region.

The MBBO vision will be achieved by:

  • building membership from within the region;
  • engaging with our communities;
  • harnessing the experience of the region’s professionals;
  • adopting projects that will have a meaningful impact in the region’s communities;
  • actively engaging with the MBB International global team to bring strength and support its global mission;
  • actively promoting the peacebuilding message, and;
  • forming partnerships that will enable sustainable funding.

MBBO is evolving rapidly with youthful enthusiasm and guidance from experienced corporate professionals. It has adopted a committee model to bring effect to its activities and this enables it to enlist the energy of our regional and global colleagues.

MBBO have commenced a journey on two important impact programs:

  • Work with RREDD, and on invitation, support indigenous communities in Queensland, Australia seeking to build capacity for mediation and reduce their use of violence in conflict resolution.Indigenous communities in Queensland.
  • Support mediation training and peace-building projects in Papua New Guinea.

Both are programs MBBO has been invited to assist with by the communities who are seeking solutions and support.

MBBO is looking forward to growing our membership and our engagement across the region as well as building broad and cohesive relationships with the global peacebuilding community.

For more information, please contact the MBB Oceania team, at