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Rotary Global Grants

Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation have six areas of focus one of which is Peace and conflict prevention/ resolution with an overarching goal to be of service to humanity. Rotary’s greatest accomplishment to date is the near eradication of Polio.

GG 1745757, Rotary Club Bogota Capital

Global Grants Projects

  • GG# 1757637. Rotary International and MBBI, supported by a Vocational Training Team (VTT) global grant from The Rotary Foundation, collaborates to train women peacebuilders in West Africa. Click here for more details.
  • GG# 1981756. The Magnolia Rotary Club joins with the Bo Rotary Club and MBBI to assist this resilient society in keeping the peace during such overwhelming challenges by training leaders in conflict management skills. Together, we will continue the peace-building work, helping Sierra Leone sustain its peaceable society while fulfilling Rotary Foundation’s aims as set forth in the Area of Focus Policy Statement “to promote the practice of peace and conflict prevention/resolution.” Click here for more details.
  • GG# 1756350 to build Peace in Laikipia West, Kenya. Grant is approved, funded, and now in the implementation phase. Click here for more details.

GG 1640672, Rotary Club Jakarta Metropolitan

One thing that we feel we can provide to Rotary is a deeper understanding of how communities can be empowered to sustain their own peace and development. Empowerment does not mean coming in, training, and leaving [the scene]. It is [about] building their own ownership by creating the environment for locals to voice their needs and to provide them with the tools to implement such. When people generate solutions out of their own thought processes, it is theirs. Ownership in this context is so critical.

Gail Ervin, Team Leader and Rotary Peace Fellow Alumna