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What Does a Feminist Foreign Policy Look Like? With Sahana Dharmapuri
More than a decade ago, women around the world successfully championed the Women, Peace and Security agenda—and the UN listened. Today, women are actively questioning assumptions about what security means. They are challenging existing power structures with new ideas and actions to shape international peace and security policies. How does the increased participation of women in decision-making – a hallmark of Women, Peace and Security – impact security thinking and doing? Sahana Dharmapuri is the Director of the Our Secure Future program at the One Earth Future Foundation

The Intersection of Immigration & Community Dialogue: Where Information Meets Community Conversation
Information and tools to understand rapidly changing immigration laws in the US. 15 April 2017 with Moderator: Elahe Amani (California State University, Fullerton) and Panelists: Michael Kazemi, Alice Yardum Hunter (Immigration Lawyers); Dorit Cypis (Artist, Educator, Dialogue Facilitator); Dania Ayah Alkhouli (Writer & NGO A Country Called Syria); Apolonio Morales (CHIRLA, Political Director)

People-Centered Peacebuilding: Chaos to Collaboration
Prabha Sankaranarayan President & CEO of MBBI, discusses its role as an international non-governmental organization building local skills for peace and promoting mediation worldwide at The Rotary Club of New York International Breakfast Meeting on October 19, 2016

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Mary Montague, MBBI Member, ITI Trainer, and Founding Director of TIDES Training and Consultancy presents: Alien Nation: Relationship & Reconciliation (Part 1; Part 2) and Us and Them: The Nature of Peace and Conflict

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