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During these global crises, it seems as though internal, intrapersonal, and systemic conflicts are escalating.

Since 2007, MBBI has focused on building local skills for peacebuilders through our International Training Institute, webinars, virtual town halls, local events, international conferences, working groups, and various other projects. However, this pandemic has forced us to reckon with how we connect with each other. 

With this knowledge, we created PeaceConnect. So, what is PeaceConnect? It’s our online learning exchange that focuses on people-centered peacebuilding through interactive events, shared knowledge, and global participation.

Through this platform, you will CONNECT to our global community. When you join one of our online interactive events you will be connected with other peacebuilders from around the world. We bring in presenters who are proven mediators, multi-disciplinary practitioners, and leaders within our signature programs. These presenters advocate for mediation worldwide and strive to advance best practices.  Join the conversation and CONNECT to our global community.

Peacebuilding requires connections. PeaceConnect is an excellent way to easily get connected with other peacebuilders within our organization and around the world. After our online events, you will be equipped with invaluable resources and insights. PeaceConnect is an online platform for our global community to CREATE: space to exchange new ideas, resources for our global community, and more. CREATE a more peace “able” world with us. 

MBBI keeps the people affected by conflict at the center of peacebuilding. PeaceConnect reflects this ideology by creating space for engaging and informative conversations that attempt to address critical issues, tackle complex questions, and provide space for the peacebuilding community to further engage in matters of today. So, once you have joined the conversation and learned indispensable skills, we hope you will help us build local skills for peace and promote mediation worldwide. Shared knowledge builds connections and fosters collaborations between people. COLLABORATE with our global community.

Our hope is that PeaceConnect will provide our global community with the online space to connect, create,  and collaborate with each other in order to build peace and promote mediation. Peace is a process, but if we work together it becomes more possible. PeaceConnect, like MBBI itself, will focus on people-centered peacebuilding through a multi-disciplinary approach.

If you are interested in learning more about PeaceConnect, including how you could present through MBBI, please contact the PeaceConnect Coordinator at