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Peacebuilders & Pandemics

We recognize the evolving nature of the Coronavirus outbreak and how fear and preventative measures are testing the resiliency of our communities.  While we are not necessarily physicians, we believe that peacebuilders can play an equally vital role to our communities.

Global challenges like the one we face today, require collaboration and creative problem-solving, dialogue and consensus-building, and all the processes that encourage open and
honest communication, build empathy, reduce prejudices, and allow us to stay connected in our humanity.

The four cornerstones of this initiative are:
1. Reduce Panic
2. Minimize Stigma
3. Build Connections
4. Repair Relations

Daily, increasing social and professional events are being canceled, countries are going into lockdown, and communities are mandating that “shelter in place”. The need to find alternative ways to connect is especially important.

2020 MBBI Cyber Congress: C.A.L.M.

We are excited, humbled, and honored to announce that Mediators Beyond Borders International has been selected for the 2020 International Advocate for Peace Award! This is an extraordinary acknowledgment of our community’s…
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Mediation, Neutrality, Political Conflicts and the 2020 Elections

MBBI Founder Kenneth Cloke Recently published an article on Below is an excerpt and the bottom is the downloadable PDF.     In the US, and in different ways…
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Announcing MBBI PeaceConnect

During this global pandemic, it seems as though internal, intrapersonal, and systemic conflicts are escalating. Since 2007, MBBI has focused on building local skills for peacebuilders through our International Training…
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Words of Connection from Elder, Nii Gaani Aki Inini

Elder Dr. David Courchene is from the Anishinaabe Nation, Eagle Clan. He is the founder of the Turtle Lodge. See more. As the free and independent Original Peoples and the true…
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Chin State and the Myanmar Conflict

COVID19 has exacerbated conflict in many regions. There are complex social and political consequences to the pandemic, and countless lives lost due to the compounding effects of pre-existing conflict. Stories…
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COVID-19 Prevention Projects in Yemen. Member Spotlight: Hussam Bazara’a

Hussam Bazara’a is a brand-new member of MBBI, based in the city of Ibb in his home country of Yemen. He is 22 and a student in the department of…
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المجلس عن موضوع وبناء السلام والجوائح – 29 مايو 2020

نحن، كوسطاء وبناة سلام، مجهزين بالمهارات والخبرة اللازمة للاستجابة لهذه الأزمة، ولدورنا أهمية كبيرة مشابهه لأهمية متخصصو الرعاية الصحية هذه المشاكل التي على نطاق عالمي تتطلب موارد تتجاوز ما يمكن…
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Spreading Awareness of Peacebuilding. Member Spotlight: Dorcas Arorote

Dorcas Arorote is a highly trained and experienced lawyer and mediator, with a passion for engaging the people around her and spreading awareness of the peacebuilding properties of mediation. She…
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Words of Reflection, Gerry O’Sullivan

“I see something incredible happening in Ireland during this pandemic…Traditionally, at the government level, government departments work mainly independently of each other. While they may have some links with each…
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Words of Reflection, Gaëlle Ezan

“This whole situation made me think a lot in the last few weeks on what wants to be my focus as a mediator. It made me conscious about my very…
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