Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Team and its workshop graduates have trained thousands of diverse stakeholders inspiring them to envision what sustainable peace looks like for their country and equipping them with the necessary skills to Build unity, Spread peace, and Inspire New Leaders.

The team is currently partnering with Rotary International in a year-long effort to provide training and coaching to groups of youth and women to develop future leaders who are:

  • skilled in conflict prevention and resolution, and
  • empowered to take active roles in sustaining peace and building societal resilience, and
  • actively engaged in Sierra Leone’s ongoing development

Abdul Lebbie, Maureen Inglis, Karen Boxer

Team Leader:

  • Loretta Raider, USA

Team Members:

  • Alpha Umarr Barrie, USA & Sierra Leone;
  • Karen Boxer, USA
  • Klubosumo Johnson Borh, USA and Liberia
  • Maureen Inglis, Australia
  • Judith Ogden, USA


Ahmed Kamara  (local partner) and Loretta Raider (MBBI-Sierra Leone Team Leader)

  • Bo Rotary Club District 9101
  • Magnolia Texas Rotary Club District 5910
  • Susan Conteh, Campaign for Good Governance
  • Ebu Daramy, USYDA
  • Amhed Kamara, United for Development
  • Hannah Yambasu, WAVES (Women Against Violence and Exploitation in Society)
  • Abdul Lebbie, United for Development
  • Mohamed Sheriff Mansaray, Kono District Council
  • Mohamed Shonnah, CASE – SL (Community Action for Socio-economic Empowerment -Sierra Leone)

Key Accomplishments

  • Training civil society members in conflict transformation and leadership skills to act as peace ambassadors prior to elections;
  • Involving local key-partners in “Train-the-Trainer” program to increase the impact and scope of the workshops;
  • Developing training partners to facilitate dialogues and training for hundreds of Sierra Leoneans alongside MBBI personnel;
  • Conducting ongoing needs assessments – to support areas identified earlier in MBBI’s work in Sierra Leone: advance women and youth leadership, support tribal leaders, and a train-the-trainer program. 

Training Graduates of Building Unity for 2018 Peaceful Elections

Training Graduates of Building Unity for 2018 Peaceful Elections

Women participants in Freetown - Building Unity for 2018 Peaceful Elections

Project History

Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI) first engaged in Sierra Leone in 2009 when local students and peacebuilders requested MBBI’s assistance to address election-related violence. Since then, the Team has continued to partner with local leaders to promote peace during subsequent elections through dialogue and training in mediation and leadership skills, as well as conflict transformation and prevention. MBBI’s Sierra Leone Team supports and coaches local leaders as they expand their reach, providing targeted leadership training to high potential candidates in the local communities.

In February 2018, the MBBI’s Sierra Leone Team held four workshops on Building Unity for Peaceful Elections and trained over 300 participants from diverse stakeholder groups. In collaboration with local partners, the MBBI Team conducted needs assessment interviews and focus groups with corporate CEO’s, UNDP, women’s and youth leaders, youth, and women. Data collected overwhelmingly support the challenges of women and youth in society, and the need for building the capacity of women and youth.

Hannah Yambasu and training participants - Building Unity for 2018 Peaceful Elections

Small Group Skill Practice -  Building Unity for 2018 Peaceful Elections

Training Graduates of Building Unity for 2018 Peaceful Elections - Magburaka, SL (2018)

Training participant sharing her story - dialogue session in Kenema, SL (2018)