José Ramón Morales has extensive experience in the development of intervention programs in the social and community sphere. He has worked both in rural and indigenous communities as well as in urban populations, taking advantage of the best of each – their culture, idiosyncrasies and traditions – recognizing how their resources and experiences that can be used for the efficient development of the programs to be implemented. He has been able to integrate and adapt their customs and traditions, create opportunities for change, and facilitate self-development.

As a teacher, he has extensive experience in training youth and adults. He also has experience in the creation, implementation and evaluation of social projects, workshops and conferences. He supports and facilitates different individual processes, believing in the possibility of change for people.

José Ramón is a lawyer and has a Master of Science in Clinical and Health Psychology and a Master of Science in Addiction Studies. He has taken specialization courses in transformative mediation and conflict resolution.