Global Pandemics, National Borders and Political Problem-solving

We have the ability to act and counter the potential lethality of loneliness. While promoting responsible behavior, we can also refuse to isolate ourselves and instead find other ways to maintain our sense of hope, curiosity, grace, and patience. 

MBBI and NAFCM engaged a remarkable group in an open Town Hall forum, which invited participants to bring their best in collaboration to provide resilient narratives that serve to: 

    • Reduce panic
    • Minimize stigmatization
    • Increase connections and            
    • Rebuild relationships

We are writing to encourage us to remain connected, use our skills as needed, share resources, and reach out to others members of a caring community. 

Ken Cloke has very kindly shared a chapter of his book, Politics, Dialogue, and the Evolution of Democracy, entitled Global Pandemics, National Borders and Political Problem-solving. This chapter alone is available at this link here. We invite you to read his analysis and recommendations.