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Company-Community Engagement

Companies and communities live in shared spaces and have ongoing relationships. Conflicts between companies and communities are costly and can be misaligned with company values. So, constructive engagement is key to avoid those costs and to set up an environment where your operations are given the green light and not derailed.

Being able to effectively tackle conflict that flares up is obviously critical to strengthening productivity and avoiding unnecessary costs. But even better is getting proactive. Our services can give you the two-pronged support of proactive stakeholder engagement and responsive conflict management. We’ll connect your company and your community and build a constructive relationship, giving you a social license to operate.

Using Company-Community Engagement to Ensure Your Operations Stay on Track

Situation Assessments

You want to know what’s happening with your company and the community you operate in. Our Situation Assessments can get you those answers. We’ll identify if any conflict exists, what the community supports of your business, what the community needs, what risks lurk, and how to best engage the community in the most constructive way possible.

Stakeholder Engagement

Now that you know what issues are important, what opportunities and risks exist, we’ll design and implement strategy to engage your community. That could be information sharing, ongoing activities, a grievance mechanism for when things go wrong, or any other number of ways to best work with your community and get you a social license to operate.

Mediation & Facilitation

Facilitation is decision making. If you need to get a bunch of community members and leaders together to determine a consensus solution to an issue, we’ve got you covered. Mediation is problem solving. When conflict flares up and you need to find a solution, we can take care of you.

Grievance Mechanism Design and Operation

Problems happen and unintended impact will occur. If you’re ready for it with a system for identifying those problems and plan to address them, you’ll be able to catch things early and minimize costs.