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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution represents a spectrum of less expensive and speedier alternatives to litigation, where a neutral assists parties in resolving their disputes. Collaborative and innovative solutions are found so that parties can move forward in efficient, less costly, and fair ways.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Services comprise of a comprehensive range of dispute resolution processes from mediation to arbitration to help businesses and other organizations to achieve resolution. Our global panel of expert, professional neutrals include retired and former judges and highly experienced attorneys, arbitrators, and mediators.

Our Comprehensive ADR Suite Supports Businesses, Organizations, Industries, and Governments


Our highly qualified mediators are dedicated to achieving collaborative, innovative results through facilitative and evaluative mediation processes.


Our arbitration process allows parties to establish an appropriate process, including customized rules, discovery protocols, an appeal procedure, and other efficiencies.

Professional Development

Led by a global faculty of accomplished ADR specialists, our curriculum features compelling case studies and engages aspiring ADR practitioners on issues such as legislation, social sciences, and emerging technologies.

ADR Center Design and Operation

We believe that governmental and industry bodies can take ownership of dispute management. To support this, we can design and implement ADR centers and concurrently run initiatives aimed at promoting ADR and creating robust ecosystems of ADR practitioners, users, and promoters.