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Conflict Transformation

Societies and their governments are made up of so many smaller communities, groups, offices, departments. Everyone’s got their own priorities. Added to these complex structures are external pressures like war, the economy, business sectors, neighboring countries, and transnational issues like migration, water resources, and disease. This is a complex system, rife with competition, but requiring collaboration. When it comes to using natural resources, building infrastructure, economic development, security and protection from violence, strengthening rule of law and access to justice, and ensuring educational opportunities, diverse groups must engage with one another constructively.

Our Conflict Transformation Services assist governments and societies to work together to solve big issues and create solutions and systems to operate in the best interests of communities.

Conflict Management & Stakeholder Engagement Services That Support Governments & Societies

Situation & Conflict Assessments

By Identifying various stakeholders, their interests, pertinent issues, risks and opportunities, we can identify possibilities and design solutions to big social needs.

Dispute Resolution System Design

Many social needs and challenges are recurring. Creating a system to address ongoing issues and trending challenges allows for consistency in application and operations.

Mediation & Facilitation

When the social challenge includes conflict and challenges among two or more groups, our consultants can lead decision-making negotiations and problem-solving processes.

Training & Capacity Building

We believe that conflict and challenges are best addressed by those involved. To support this, we can develop skills ranging from trauma-informed development to Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques.