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Organizational Conflict Management

Organizations are microcosms. Inside organizations, there are individuals, teams, divisions, management, staff, supply chains, vendors, and all other manners of relationships. Each of these individuals and groups have their own personalities, values, and priorities. That’s a recipe for conflict. It happens all over, in all organizations, all the time. Sometimes, we can move forward, the conflict not bothering us; often times, however, conflict can hurt morale, derail performance, and cost cash.

Our Organizational Conflict Management Services can help you grab conflict by the tail and make it work for you. Our diagnostics, systems design, capacity building services, and straight up conflict resolution will support your organization to become a constructive culture with high performance potential.

Using Organizational Collaborative & Conflict Management Services to Ensure Your Team’s Working at Full Potential

Diagnostics & Organizational Audits

Implementing change? Perxformance lagging?  We’ll let you know how your people feel, what role team dynamics are playing, what your communication strengths are, and where risks exist.

Mediation & Facilitation

When challenges exists, whether among management or between divisions, this is your solution. We use collaborative conflict management to address interpersonal issues and set up sustainable agreements.

Dispute System Design and Operation

Get proactive. We can set up mediation, change management, or dispute resolution systems, to make addressing problems part of your structure.

Organizational Ombuds Services

This office gives your staff a place to go to address conflict at the earliest stage possible, as well as identifying trends and systematic issues.


From communication to dispute resolution, we’ll build your team’s capacity to be the frontline to ensure constructive culture and high performance.