Words of Reflection, Gaëlle Ezan

“This whole situation made me think a lot in the last few weeks on what wants to be my focus as a mediator. It made me conscious about my very local surrounding and make me wonder what I could do for my connectivity as a mediator. Surely, I like working far from home, I like moving, but this pandemic made me stay at home, in my own house for a long time with my family, helping me realize how also is very important to take care of what is closer, as a starting point. When I will be able to go out, for example, I would like to give my support voluntarily to the firefighters or police forces in my town, helping them deal better with conflicts. I know that this pandemic made me change the way I would have envisioned my activity. I am not sure how this will work, but I am convinced to try to ask people very close to me if they need mediation, step by step. This is not trying to do some kind of advertisement on LinkedIn, but by going directly to the people, like to the closest fire station. All this made me very willing to volunteer and help others in my community because I see how I am feeling pretty useless right now while nurses, doctors are working nights and days. I am not at ease with this difference, and I make a promise to myself that when I will be able to go out, I will try to do my best to bring an improvement in my community and of being of help.”