Peacebuilders are skilled communicators and mediators; negotiators and facilitators; trailblazers and change-makers. Peacebuilders are disruptors. 

“Disruptors: Leading Change in a World of Conflict” is the title and theme for the highly anticipated Mediators Beyond Borders 2019 Congress, which, in partnership with Rotary Districts 3410 and 3420 will take place from November 6 – 8 at the Bali Intercontinental Hotel & Resort in Indonesia. Organization leaders, academics, mediators, government diplomats, and conflict-transformation practitioners in all fields are invited to engage in this groundbreaking exchange of ideas as an international community. In a recent interview, Dennis Phua, Co-Chair of the Congress Planning Committee and member of MBBI, shared exciting details about how the Congress will set a global precedence for the next decade of peacebuilding. 

Enabling a Multilateral World Order

Working in tandem with Congress Co-Chair Veronica Jacob and Project Manager Bennett Seibert, Dennis represents a cohort of more than twenty dedicated MBBI volunteers from several continents. As a business entrepreneur and accredited mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre and the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI), Dennis brings an important perspective to his role.

“I come from Singapore, one of the smaller countries in the world, and we do not take our peace for granted,” he said. After watching the 9/11 attacks unfold on TV, Dennis remembers wanting to better understand the sociopolitical state of the world and “… to engage in community-building and social change activities.” Over the last ten years, he has dedicated his time to helping facilitate interfaith dialogues and other conflict resolution initiatives. From his perspective, mediation helps improve cross-border relationships and the health of societies, big and small, such that, “… it enables a multilateral world order where the concept of ‘might is right’ may be deferred.

Dennis was drawn to the MBBI community because of its ability to promote authentic conversations. Hearing people’s stories helps to “… challenge my assumptions and shape both myself and my craft,” he described.

The 2019 Congress: A Focus on Capacity-Building and Impact

Dennis’s leadership in planning the 2019 Congress was a natural extension of his motivation to help conflict-transformation professionals connect, share, exchange, and, ultimately, collaborate on actionable solutions to present dynamics.

“As MBBI increases its engagements in Asia, we invite our valued friends from around the world to this Congress, which is being held for the first time in this region!” Following a pre-Congress specialized mediation training, MBBI will host world-class presenters and panelists throughout the weekend to discuss timely applications of collaborative peace-processes and what it means to be a disrupter, innovator, and leader in this realm. Nobel Laureate and Former President of East Timor José Ramos-Horta, award-winning author, and educator Dr. Nadja Alexander, and Kosovo independence leader Edita Tahiri are among the many distinguished speakers who will be sharing their perspectives and inviting participation from attendees. 

With its focus on capacity-building and community impact, Dennis made note, “I am particularly excited about the opportunity for the Congress to foster constructive dialogue on peacebuilding in Asia.” To this end, all attendees, sponsors, and partners will be recognized as a Founding Member of the 2020 Decade of Peace Initiative and as part of the global movement to advance UN Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice, and Inclusive Societies.

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MBBI would like to thank Turkish Airlines, InterContinental Bali Resort, and KCBJ Tours and Travel for their exemplary services as well as its global partner, Rotary International, and regional collaboratives, SIMI and Bali International Arbitration & Mediation Center, for their support. 

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Article by Juliana Heffern, MBBI Writer