The Ecuador Mediation Exchange and Capacity Building Project is operated in conjunction with the JAMS Foundation. The project seeks collaboration with Ecuador’s conflict resolution leaders and mediation practitioners with the goal of further enhancing multicultural mediation practices in Ecuador and the United States.

Board Liaison: Jean Kling
Project Team Leaders: Jeffrey Range and Ximena Bustamante
Partners: JAMS

Executive Summary

MBB, with the JAMS Foundation, has undertaken the Ecuador Mediation Exchange and Capacity Building Project. It consists of an extensive network of mediators that include lawyers, judges, government officials, academics, for-profit and nonprofit business professionals, and other conflict resolution experts. The project goals are being achieved by participant collaboration in the development and expansion of a conflict resolution curriculum and practice, and in the promotion and increased use of mediation as an effective method for the resolution of disputes in both the private and public sectors.
The Project has three main objectives:

  1. An online platform for collaboration by conflict resolution practitioners
  2. The development of best practices in mediation; to this end, a series of symposia will be organized with the objective of sharing cross-culture perspectives
  3. The development and sponsorship of an outreach component that will promote the use of mediation and conflict resolution in non-traditional settings

Benefits of the Project:

  • Promote greater use of mediation in the resolution of disputes across diverse sectors of society.
  • Access to online communication to foster interactions among conflict resolution professionals who are remotely located from each other.
  • Provide a platform for information sharing to enhance and document mediation expertise.
  • Develop substantive best practices through a series of symposia.
  • Strengthen professional relationships among mediators across cultures.