Women in Peacebuilding: South East Asian Perspectives and Global Networks

Starting in 2014, MBBI has been advancing women’s participation in decision making, negotiation, and mediation, through the International Peace Training Institute (IPTI). Our goal is to build and enhance global cohorts of women who have the knowledge and skills to address conflict transformation in the local, national, and international contexts. The members of the five global cohorts have been leading efforts in their own communities through these turbulent times. We are delighted to share information about the Series below organized by Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The panelists include MBBI’s South East Asia Regional Representative Shadia Marhaban, an expert in peace processes, and the political transition of armed groups,  as well as Charmaine Mae and Amporn Marddent both Alumna of IPTI. Their leadership in the region has positively impacted communities in Thailand, Indonesia, Philipines, and Myanmar.

Watch the live-streamed Youtube video here.