Galyna Yeromenko, Ph.D. is the CEO and Founder of the Ukrainian Mediation Center, which was created as a joint project between the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Kyiv-Mohyla Business- School in 2008.

Galyna was the First President of the National Association of Mediators (Ukraine). Galyna has developed a successful mediation career. She has served as an expert, trainer and mediator for IFC, UNDP, USAID, Renaissance Foundation, EU Commission, SEQUA etc. in 8 countries including in Caucasus and Asia.

She is a Mediator of the Global Mediation Panel at the  Office of the Ombudsman for UN Funds and Programmes.

Galyna is accredited by CEDR (UK), Academy of Munich IHK (Germany), Edwards Mediation Academy (USA), and has received a Weinstein International Fellowship (JAMS, USA).

Galyna prefers to be called a “quasi-lawyer” because of the strong belief in the force and transforming energy of negotiation and mediation. Despite high emotions, pain, misfortune, there is always an opportunity for dialogue. The main thing for the mediator not to give up even if everybody had lost hope.

Galyna speaks Ukrainian (native), Russian (fluent), and English (fluent). She has some international nominations, like «Era of mediation» (Kazakhstan) for contribution to the development of mediation etc.