Macarena Mata has worked professionally in the mediation and conflict resolution field since 2004. She is an accredited family, workplace, intergenerational and community Mediator, with a diverse range of experience in conflict transformation and resolution and personal growth. Previously, she worked in the academic field as a Research Associate on land use conflict for eleven years, in institutions such as University of Amsterdam, Cranfield University and Imperial College London (where she also was a ‘harassment support contact’ liaising with HR).

Macarena is a qualified Trainer in mediation and conflict resolution and self-awareness to executives, academics and community groups, as well as a Trainer in peer mediation and in conflict resolution to young adults. Her company Ataraxy Mediation is registered with the Open College Network ( to accredit Community Mediation, Workplace Mediation and Paediatric Medical Mediation training; and it is also registered with the Family Mediation Council ( to accredit Family Mediation Foundation Course.

Macarena has worked as a Lecturer at Birkbeck College, University of London, on conflict theory and reflective practice for conflict practitioners at the PgCert and MSc courses. She is a qualified Assessor (in vocational achievement) and a qualified Conflict Coach who understands that by enhancing people’s self-awareness and their relationship to conflict, they can take greater responsibility for their own choices and develop stronger self-leadership.

Macarena is a faculty member of the International Peace Training Institute and co-leader of the Colombia/Latin-America project for MBBI.

Main academic qualifications: Ph.D. Cranfield University UK; MSc Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Birkbeck College, UCL UK; MSc Rural and Land Use Survey, ITC Twente University The Netherlands.

Membership: Family Mediation Council (URN0773A; College of Mediators (; Family Mediators Association (; Association for Conflict Resolution ( She has also been a member of the Board of Trustees with Mediation Hertfordshire ( for three years.

Macarena was born in Málaga, Spain, and has lived in London for the last 21 years with her husband. She works professionally in English and Spanish as required.