Prabha Sankaranarayan is a conflict transformation practitioner who mediates, facilitates and trains in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.  She integrates her experience as a clinician, mediator and coach in her practice with individuals and organizations. Her public and private sector work includes conflict analysis for public/private partnerships, consultation & assessment for industrial /development zones, design and implementation of programs and processes for multinational corporations, governments, banks and community organizations; inter-faith dialogues as well as facilitation of multi-stakeholder mediations. A substantive expert in Trauma Informed Peacebuilding, Public Participation and Conflict transformation, she provides systems design, strategic planning, program management, community outreach and training around the world.

Areas of Expertise: Culturally appropriate & trauma-informed collaborative process design, large and small group design and intervention, track 1.5/2 processes, mediation, dialogue, restorative practices, systems design, and network development.
Country of Origin: India
Country of Residence: USA
Languages: English, Tamil, Hindi