Regina Odofle Thompson is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School and holds a Master of Laws with Specialization in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Regina has over 20-years’ experience as a mediator in the areas of Human Rights, Family, Child Protection, Community and Civil Mediator, and a Certified Adjudicator. She is a trainer, facilitator, presenter, coach, and public speaker. As a member of a team of elite ADR trainers, Regina has provided training and coaching services internationally. Regina’s international consulting experience includes the design and delivery of culturally-appropriate mediation processes and procedures for the Uganda Human Rights Commission. Regina is a member of a Canada-based team of elite trainers who trained Police Officers and Social Workers in member countries of the Caribbean Common Market (CARICOM). She designed and delivered a culturally-appropriate mediation training to members of professional and community associations in Accra, Ghana.

Regina has expertise in mainstreaming culture and human rights perspectives into dispute resolution service provision as diversity, cultural context human rights/workplace, and family mediation trainer. Using a multiple-lens approach she has conducted thousands of mediations. Regina uses her unique skills and expertise to expand perspectives on the importance of culture in designing systems and processes for peace management and conflict resolution.

Regina is a sought-after Presenter and Guest Faculty. She has collaborated with various ADR Communities of Practice and Educational Institutions on the importance of inclusive systems design. ADR Communities of Practice: Ontario Association for Family Mediators (OAFM) Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (ADRIO), Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). Educational Institutions: Osgoode Hall Law School, Durham College, Humber College, University of Toronto.

Regina Thompson (LLM. ADR), is a Consulting Mediator, Advisor and Educator.  Her practice areas include Human Rights, Community, Family, Child Protection and Women’s Issues.  

Regina uses lenses that inform mainstreaming culture and human rights into Dispute Resolution practice to ensure inclusivity in diversity. She expands practitioner perspectives on the importance of designing alternative practices to fit people, problems, and processes – the 3Ps.

Regina feeds her imagination by operating in culturally-contrasting environments. 

Practice Areas 

In mediation and Peacebuilding:

  • 1. Human Rights
  • 2. Workplace
  • 3. Community
  • 4. Family
  • 5. Child Protection 
  • 6. Women’s Issues

Qualifications Eg.


  • Chartered Mediator (C.Med.)
  • Acc.FM,
  • CP.Med.,
  • Cert. Adjudicator



  • November 9-November 20 – Member of Mediators Beyond Borders (MBBI) International Training Team. Training members of Women Mediators Across the Commonwealth on behalf of Conciliation Resources in Culturally Appropriate Conflict Assessment, Analysis, Mediation and Peacebuilding Practices.
  • November – December, 2018 – Lead Trainer – Advanced Community Mediation and Supervision of Practicums – IMPACT Justice – Improved Access to Justice in the CARICOM Region – Caribbean Law Institute Centre, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados
  • March 24-30, 2019 – Member of Mediators Beyond Borders (MBBI) International Training Team. Trained members of Women Mediators Across the Commonwealth on behalf of Conciliation Resources, an organization dedicated to creating more peaceful societies by working with others to stop and intervene in violent conflict around the world, in Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa.
  • Fall 2018 – Lead Presenter contracted by Caribbean Commonwealth region’s Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean – (Impact Justice) Project. Delivered Advanced Community Mediation training to Social Workers and Police Officers – Caribbean Law Institute Centre, Faculty of Law, the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Kingston, Jamaica.
  • 2017-2018 – Consultant – Women in Law and Development Africa – ADR and Diversion Program Developer, Accra, Ghana, West Africa.  Responsible for developing programs towards broader Access to Justice for Women and Girls to contribute to Domestic Violence Education and Prevention.
  • April 2016 – Designed and delivered Basic Mediation Training to 50 participants from various professional associations in Accra, Ghana.
  • Summer 2016-17-18 – Member of elite ADR practitioners led by Toronto-based Riverdale Mediation Inc., provided mediation training services to police officers from member countries of CARICOM (Caribbean Commonwealth) regions. 
  • 2009-2015 – Youthdale Treatment Centres, Toronto, Canada

Annual Staff Training – Diversity and Sexual Harassment

  • 2009-2014 – COSTI IIAS Immigrant Services, Toronto, Canada

Human Rights Advisor

  • Diversity, Human Rights and Sexual Harassment Trainer/Corporate Advisor


  • Ga
  • Twi
  • West African Pidgin English
  • English


  • West Africa
  • North America