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Arbitration: A Potent Tool for Achieving Speedy Resolution

Disputes bring uncertainty to an organization, and timely resolution is critical. Arbitration provides a practical alternative to litigation by saving time and cost, especially in cross-border cases which may involve complex conflicts of law issues and counsel from multiple jurisdictions.

At MBBC, we assist parties to select an arbitrator and to establish an appropriate process, including rules, discovery protocols, an appeal procedure, and other efficiencies. We are committed to providing impartial, speedy resolution and reasoned awards in disputes of all types.


The UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules have been designed to facilitate the conduct and resolution of ad hoc arbitrations. Neither UNCITRAL nor any other institution plays any role in the administration of such ad hoc arbitrations. Parties can decide however to use the rules to resolve their disputes and to make special provision to have the benefit of MBBC's institutional support, as Appointing Authority and Administering Authority.

Pre-Hearing Services

Decisions made at the pre-hearing conference often determine the duration, expenses and efficiency of the arbitration, thus helping to control the time and costs of proceedings.

During this conference, the arbitration panel will:

  • Schedule evidentiary hearing dates
  • Establish discovery deadlines
  • Set briefing and motion deadlines
  • Determine whether mediation is desirable
  • Address other preliminary matters

Injunctive Services

MBBC provides emergency and injunctive relief procedures for parties who may find themselves in situations where the standard procedures for commencement of an arbitration do not provide for timely protection of their rights, such as protection from disclosure of confidential information or preservation of assets.

While parties may apply to the court for emergency relief, they can avoid the need to litigate simultaneously in multiple forums and save time and costs.

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