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The MBBC Mediation Process

Disputes bring uncertainty to an organization, and timely resolution is critical. Mediation provides a practical alternative to litigation by saving time and cost, especially in cross-border cases which may involve complex conflicts of law issues and counsel from multiple jurisdictions.

At MBBC, we help all parties arrive at the best possible resolution by managing the process diligently from pre-mediation calls and preparation to post-mediation follow-up. We are committed to successfully resolving cases of every type and size.

Case Management

After you have filed for a mediation with us, we will assist you in:

  • Appointing a suitable mediator for the dispute
  • Preparing the Agreement to Mediate
  • Determining timelines for information exchange
  • Setting up an in-person, online, or hybrid mediation

Mediation Process

Our mediators are committed to every stage of the mediation process. They may contact parties to help craft a process tailored to your dispute and listen to pertinent issues that are not included in the written statements.

During mediation, our mediators listen attentively to all perspectives, assess dynamics, and establish rapport with the parties. They focus on:

  • The issues in dispute and parties' motivations to settle
  • Ensuring that all prospects for settlement have been considered
  • Assisting parties in assessing risk and overcoming impasse
  • Guiding parties toward resolution and preserving mutual interests and ongoing relationships

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