Stacey Schamber ~ MBB Member Spotlight

What first drew you to MBB? Many roads have been traveled in bringing our group together. We’re not all world renowned mediators, but as Stacey Schamber has proved there is a role for every member to fill.

Stacey Schalmer 08-19-14Stacey was introduced to the MBB website after a 2010 mediation training in Boston, by one of our many loyal ambassadors. Armed with that training, a career as a hospital social worker, and a passion for international peacebuilding Stacey took it upon herself to reach out and ask MBB for something to do.

Over the last few years Stacey and MBB have been on a remarkable and mutually beneficial journey. When MBB needed help coordinating the logistics for the International Training Institute (ITI) at the 2013 Istanbul Congress, Stacey’s initiative and passion brought her to the front of the line.

After months of reading the participants’ stories and responding to their emails Stacey was moved and touched beyond words when the participants walked up and hugged her as she welcomed them to Istanbul at the airport. She says she will never forget the moment when the 22 women ITI participants, trainers and staff were seated together for their first dinner.

Stacey’s commitment to MBB goes beyond simple altruism. She could have stayed a hospital social worker if she just wanted to do some good deeds. But Stacey has answered the call to build a more peace “able” world. Today, she is transferring the skills developed by volunteering with the ITI to help the MBB team assessing a potential project in Uganda – a place which has a special significance to her personal life and development.

We should all heed Stacey’s advice: “If you’re unsure about what to do [in MBB], reach out and express an interest, someone will point you in the right direction.” You never know where it may take you.