Mediators Beyond Borders International Los Angeles Collaboration Region (MBBI—LA) was created in 2007 to bring the core vision and mission of MBBI to Southern California, where members living in this region could meet regularly to develop their skills and to offer services to local communities, as well as to collaborate with local partners.

Our focus is both local and international, with members working on a variety of mediation and facilitation projects.

Recent MBBI—LA work includes the hosting of Peace Conversation Facilitation Training. The graduates of this program will practice their skills at the Peace in the South Bay, an international interfaith event on ‘Is Religion a Pathway or An Obstacle to Peace.’ Click here to read more.

MBBI—LA Collaboration Region Welcome Letter and Forms

Ongoing - Days of Dialogue

Youth Justice Coalition participants 09-02-15Please email directly for the next dates. Event Link:

As a result of the nationwide controversy surrounding events that occurred between police officers and the public in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, Cleveland and Los Angeles, Days of Dialogue, a nonprofit organization, is hosting a series of community-based discussions with the people of Los Angeles and cooperating law enforcement agencies. MBBI—LA is joining in this effort. These dialogues will endeavor to uphold the principals of mutual respect and human dignity. In an effort to prevent further violence these facilitative dialogues will help shape the future of our community.

Read an interview here from Elahe Amani and George Zeidan after an MBBI-LA event.

Watch a video from our April 2017 meeting on The Intersection of Immigration & Community Dialogue: Where Information Meets Community Conversation.