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Regional Groups

MBBI Regional Groups provide a venue for MBBI members to meet in person or connect virtually with other members and the organization. Regional Groups are gatherings of MBBI members by region. A “region” may be a continent, a country, a state, or province or city. The groups are free-form and reflect the structure chosen by regional group members. To start your own Regional Group, please contact us at

MBBI—Los Angeles

Mediators Beyond Borders International – Los Angeles Regional Group (MBBI—LA) was created in 2007 to bring the core vision and mission of MBB to Southern California, where members living in this region could meet regularly to develop their skills and to offer services to local communities, as well as to collaborate with local partners. Our focus is both local and international, with members working on a variety of mediation and facilitation projects. Click here to visit the MBBI—LA page and learn more.

MBBI—New York

Mediators Beyond Borders International– New York Regional Group (MBBI—NY) meets in Manhattan on a monthly basis to discuss MBBI-related topics and connect interested attendees to MBB’s international Projects. Over the past several years, we have hosted speakers, sponsored discussion groups, attended UN meetings, and publicized MBB at local mediation events. We welcome mediators, lawyers, students, and others with an interest in MBB’s mission and activities to join us. Click here to visit MBBI—NY page and learn more.


Mediators Beyond Borders International – Canada Regional Group (MBBI—Canada) is comprised of a group of Canadian mediators who are dedicated to enhancing the service value of mediation. In addition to supporting MBB’s mission and vision, we integrate the following three areas of focus into our bi-monthly meetings and discussions: Networking & Partnerships, Continued Learning & Collaboration, and Supporting Canada’s Indigenous Population & Peacekeeping Identity. Click here to visit the MBBI—Canada page and learn more.

MBBI - Oceania

Mediators Beyond Borders International – Oceania Regional Group (MBB—Oceania) was created after the 2019 Congress in Bali and now exists as a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Australian Corporations Act. This goal was achieved within the timeline challenge accepted in Bali and with a few days to spare. Its emphasis is: Promoting culturally appropriate peacebuilding and innovative conflict management practices to communities within the Oceania region and has two mediation projects already Cape York Community Program and PNG Mediation & Magistrates. Click here to visit the MBB—Oceania page and learn more.


The Mediators Beyond Borders International—Europe Regional Group (MBBI—Europe), founded in 2021, is comprised of a group of European mediators who are dedicated to enhancing the service value of mediation. The group started by experienced European mediators from diverse backgrounds with the vision to improve dialogue within the society and peace within the region through its collaboration with NGOs, companies, state organizations, and universities. Click here to visit the MBBI—Europe page and learn more.