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MBB Consulting

MBB Consulting is a fee-for-service division of Mediators Beyond Borders International. MBB Consulting provides conflict management and stakeholder engagement services to companies, organizations, and governments in three ways – between companies and communities, inside organizations, and among governments and societies.

MBBC's Collaborative Conflict Management Services

  • Situation and Organization Assessments
    Whether internally for your company or externally across multiple stakeholders, MBBC will analyze an issue to help you understand risks and opportunities
  • Dispute System Design
    MBBC designs and implements internal or external dispute resolution systems or grievance mechanisms that will allow you to know when problems arise and address them at the lowest level possible
  • Mediation & Facilitation
    MBBC will help you resolve a crisis, or efficiently and effectively negotiate when you have several parties that all need something different
  • Organizational Ombuds Services
    This independent office will help your company maximize the benefits of conflict within your team while minimizing the costs
  • Training
    MBBC will build capacity so you are equipped to be more effective in conflict resolution and communication techniques

For more information on MBB Consulting, contact MBBC and take a look at their website.