Ajoeb Mohamedajoeb, an experienced mediator and CEO of the firm Mohamedajoeb Mediators, has always felt a strong connection to the field of mediation, starting with his own name containing two religious prophets: Ajoeb (Job) and Mohamed. The prophets, according to the sacred writings, were reconciliatory figures, carriers of peace along their path. Ajoeb emulates this in his daily life, by helping employers and employees solving their conflicts in the workplace as well as by reconciling conflicts between neighbours in his own community. Moreover, Ajoeb is specialized in organizing team trainings for companies, where workers are provided with appropriate tools and skills to deal constructively with conflicts in the workplace. “At the end of the day, mediators are the legacy of the prophets, we are surely following their path of peace and reconciliation.” 

Ajoeb became connected to MBBI in 2017, after having attended the 8th MBBI Congress in The Hague. He was inspired by the mission and vision of MBBI, as well as by the possibility of becoming part of a global family of mediators and gaining the opportunity to exchange expertise with like-minded mediators. “I remained impressed by the global outreach and commitment of MBBI, which puts at its center “us” as professionals that can practically contribute to a more peaceful world and the well-being of people throughout the globe.”